Advocacy provides opportunities for students to increase their level of involvement with AMSA, potentially gain leadership experience, and allows students to be active and engaged in the medical field. There are three committees: Networking, Community and Campus Outreach, and Project which all meet at our general meetings after announcements. Students are encouraged to seek leadership by applying to be a Committee Chair at the beginning of each year.

The Networking Committee plans and coordinates ways that students can learn more about the medical field from health care professionals and medical students by hosting an annual Networking Night and monthly guest speakers. Last year, the committee also held AMSA’s first Undergraduate Research Panel for students looking to get involved in a research lab on campus! This year, speakers and events will be targeted towards helping students understand WHY they want to be involved in the medical field as this is very important for medical school applications and interviews! As such, our hope is to start a “Meet the Patients” Panel as insight into medicine from the perspective of how you can impact patients in the near future.

The Community and Campus Outreach Committee mainly finds new and interesting service opportunities that can be medically related so that students can be actively engaged in the community. On campus, Global Health Week and the Health Fair allow students to advocate for pressing health issues faced globally and those faced here at Tech. This is a great opportunity to raise awareness to students who otherwise might not know about these issues!

The Project Committee is a new committee this year that will be focused on planning a year-long or semester-long project to be executed by general AMSA. It is great opportunity to get creative in the ways we serve or participate in fundraising and is very open-ended. We’re excited to see and get involved in whatever issues might be important to you that you’d like to explore through this committee!